Rodney wasn’t afraid of ghosts. He was ten and he wasn’t afraid of anything.

The ghost’s name was Seymour. Seymour lived in Rodney’s room. He had been watching Rodney for a while and thought he looked tasty. He wanted to take a little bite out of Rodney just to see what he tasted like. Seymour had sharp, yellow teeth and beady , little, green eyes, and he was beginning to get hungry.

One night, after Rodney had gone to bed, Seymour climbed out from under the dresser where he hid, and slowly crept toward Rodney’s bed. He could smell Rodney as he got closer, and he started to drool over what was waiting for him. He liked tasty little boys. Seymour stood up and took a big sniff. Yum! thought Seymour, I’m in for a treat.

Just as he reached Rodney’s bed, he heard a noise and saw Rodney move. Seymour stopped breathing and stood perfectly still … and listened.

When he was sure everything was okay, Seymour slithered up onto Rodney’s bed and watched him just lying there. Mmm - this is going to be so good!

Seymour took one more big whiff, and leaned over very close to Rodney. Just as he was about to take a bite out of Rodney’s ear, Rodney rolled over and yelled, “BOO!”  He scared Seymour so badly that the ghost broke into a thousand pieces.

All of the pieces ran off to hide under the dresser.

‘Silly ghost,’ thought Rodney, and he rolled over and went back to sleep.

After Seymour pulled himself together, he decided that Rodney probably wasn’t very tasty after all, and he packed up all his stuff and moved next door to get a look at Rodney’s sister.