Don't Feed the Monster

Austin was a very fast bike rider. He could ride faster than anyone he knew.

One day, Austin rode his bike to the park. Along the way he heard a noise that he thought sounded like a monster, but he didn’t believe in monsters, so he just kept riding.

When he got to the park, his friends told him they had heard about a big monster with orange hair, green eyes and scary sharp teeth - that liked to eat little boys on bicycles. They were all worried about the monster, but Austin wasn’t. He knew he was faster than any old monster.

On the way home, he heard the same noise only it was very loud this time. Then, suddenly, a huge monster with orange hair, beady green eyes and long, scary teeth stepped in front of him and roared, “STOP!”

Austin stopped his bike and looked up at the monster - it was huge and looked very mean.

“I’m going to eat you,” yelled the monster, “and then I’m going to ride your bike!”

“You have to catch me first,” said Austin.

Austin started riding away. He was riding very fast, but he could hear the monster right behind him.

“I’m going to eat your feet!” said the monster.

“I don’t think so,” said Austin, and he pedaled even faster.

“I’m very hungry,” said the monster, “and you look unusually tasty.”

“Too bad for you,” said Austin, and he pedaled as fast as he could.

The monster was very fast, but he was also very hungry, and as he ran, he started to get smaller. The more he ran, the smaller he got, until he was the size of a lizard.

When Austin couldn’t hear the monster any longer, he stopped his bike. He turned around and saw how small the monster had become. “Not so scary now, are you?”

Austin rode back and picked up the monster and put him in his backpack. He took the monster home and put him into a lizard tank.

Austin only fed the monster one little meal a day, to make sure t didn’t grow any bigger.

Every time Austin had a friend over, he would show off his little monster, but he always warned them, “Whatever you do, don’t feed the monster!”