Down By the Pond

It all started when Foster, the frog, heard a strange noise. Foster looked all around, but couldn’t see anything, He hopped over to a large, flat rock and landed next to a newt.

“Hey, Newton, did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” the newt looked nervously at the bushes around the pond.

“That noise just now.” Foster stretched up and looked around as well. “Didn’t you hear it?”

“Hear what?” asked Leonard, poking his large lizard head out over the edge of a huge rock he was sitting on. “I didn’t hear anything.”

Newton hunched down a little. “What kind of sound was it?”

Leonard pulled back a little from the edge of his rock, “Where did it come from?”

“It was a splashy sound,” said Foster, “and it came from the middle of the pond.”

“The pond!” Leonard snorted. “Nothing lives in the pond.”

“Then, what could have made that noise?” Newton dashed all around the rock. “Maybe it was a big, scary monster!”

“Don’t be silly.” Leonard looked out over the top of the water. “There’s no monsters in the pond.”

Just then, a big splash came from the middle of the pond.

Newton and Leonard dove under some rocks.

Foster jumped so high he came down in the middle of the tall grass beside the pond.

“What was that?” Foster’s voice snuck out of the tall grass.

“A monster.” Newton was shivering behind a large rock. “A huge, scary monster with giant, green fangs.”

Leonard peeked out from behind his rock. “Did you see it?”

“Of course not,” Newton’s voice was shaky, “It was too big to see.”

“Let’s take a look.” Leonard slowly raised his head over the rock, followed by Newton and Foster, and they all peeked at the pond.

A fish jumped out of the water and then fell back in with a splash.

“That was the sound. What was that?” Foster was hoping up and down.

“A giant, swimming, bird monster with green fangs that wants to eat me.” Newton was huddled down behind his rock.

“I believe it was a fish.” Leonard seemed very calm.

“A fish?” Foster hadn’t seen a fish before. “Is that some kind of monster?”

“Will it eat us?” Newton got even smaller behind his rock.

“No, mostly it just swims and jumps.” Leonard looked over the rock at Newton. “I saw one once at the lake, but there’s never been one in our pond before.”

“I wonder how it got here?” Foster stuck his head up to see if he could figure it out.

“A bird dropped me.” The voice seemed to be coming from the middle of the pond.

“The pond is talking!” Newton jumped back behind the rock.

“It’s not the pond, it’s the fish.” Leonard took a step toward the water.

“Hi fish.” Foster had hopped over by Leonard.

“Hello.” The fish’s head poked out of the water. “My name is Farley.”

“I’m Foster.”

“Newton poked his head back up over the rock. “Newton here. Are you a monster?”

“No, I’m not a monster.” The fish ducked back into the water then popped out again. “I’m just lonely.”

“My name is Leonard. How did a bird drop you?”

“I slapped him in the face.”

Newton skittered up onto the rock. “Why did you do that?

“He swooped down and grabbed me in his beak.” The fish jumped out of the water like he was being picked up by the bird.

Foster shook his head.” That must have been scary!”

“Very scary.” The fish splashed the water with his tail. “But I slapped him with my tail and he dropped me. I fell into this pond.”

“Wow!” Newton moved closer to the edge of the pond.

“Are you all right?” Leonard sounded concerned.

“I’m fine, but I miss my friends.” The fish swam around the pond a couple of times.

“I’ll be your friend,” Foster jumped into shallow water at the edge of the pond.

“Me, too.” Newton went down to the edge of the pond, but didn’t go in the water. “Since you’re not going to eat me.”

“I will be your friend, too.” Leonard pointed to the far side of the pond. “And when it rains again, the water will run out over there and you can get back to the lake.”

They played together all day, and they were sad to see their new friend go when it rained that night, but they were glad that he got to go home to his family.

And that’s what happened yesterday, down by the pond.