“Grrrr,” The Momster growled, making a scary face and chasing Emory into the living room.

Emory jumped onto the puffy, blue couch, yelled, “You can’t get me!” She pulled a big, purple pillow over her head.

But the Momster could. “I’m going to eat you. The Momster took big, stompy steps toward the couch.


“Oh, no!” yelled Emory as the Momster grabbed her feet and pulled her closer. The Momster was going to gobble her up.


Emory giggled and squirmed as the Momster nibbled her tummy.

“I’m going to GET you!” yelled Emory.

The Momster said, “Oh, no!” and ran out of the living room. Emory ran behind the Momster growling and biting.

“I’m going to snap you up,” she said, snapping her arms open and shut like a crocodile.

The Momster and Emory ran all around the house until the Momster got tired and fell on the couch. Emory said, “Now, I’m going to eat you,” and took big stompy steps toward the couch.


“Help me!” cried the Momster, pulling a pillow over her head.


Emory snapped the Momster all up. The Momster giggled and squirmed.

“Grrrr.” The Momster growled and sat up, making a scary face.

“Aaaah,” cried Emory as she ran from the room followed by the Momster who was snapping her teeth and yelling, “I’m going to get you!”