The Problem With Paddles

Bobby had a problem. It was time for his bath but he couldn’t find his favorite toy, Paddles. Without Paddles, Bobby didn’t want to take a bath. But, without a bath, he couldn’t go to the Fair, and Bobby loved the Fair.

Bobby looked everywhere for Paddles. He looked under his bed, but all he saw was his tiger jammies. He looked in his closet, but only saw his clothes and green turtle slippers. He looked under the rug and found a huge dust bunny, but no Paddles.

Bobby asked his mother, but she said, “Did you look under the bed?”

Bobby asked his father, but he said, “Did you look in the closet?”

He asked the twins. Tommy said. “Did you look under the rug?” Timmy said, “Did you look in your shoes?”

Nobody had seen Paddles. Bobby really wanted to go to the Fair, but he couldn’t take a bath without Paddles, so he went to see Grandma.

“Grandma,” said Bobby, “Paddles is missing, and I don’t know what to do.”

Grandma looked at Bobby through her little glasses. “Well, Paddles is pretty tricky. But if you think of the special places you went with him today, I bet you can find him.”

Bobby thought about where he’d been with Paddles. He ran in the kitchen and looked in all the cupboards, under the chairs and even in the refrigerator. He found the smell of fresh bread, but no Paddles.

Bobby ran out in the yard and dug through the big pile of leaves and looked in the sandbox, but didn’t find Paddles.

Bobby ran to the stream and looked around all the trees and by the big rocks. He saw a spotted lizard, but no Paddles.

Bobby was sad. If he couldn’t find Paddles, he wasn’t going to be able to see the pigs and horses, or go on rides, or eat cotton candy.

He sat on a rock listening to the splashing of the stream, and he remembered something.

Bobby ran back to the house, looked in the bathroom window, and saw Timmy and Tommy getting out of the tub, right next to the chair where Paddles was sitting.

He remembered he had put Paddles in the bathroom so he would be ready to take his bath. He was so excited he ran into the house, grabbed Paddles, and got right into the bathtub.

When Bobby finished his bath and got dressed, the whole family went to the Fair and everyone ate cotton candy, saw the animals, went on rides and had a great time. All except for Paddles, who was happy to sit on Bobby’s bed and wait for him to come home.