Under New Management

One day, not long ago, Aaron was feeling hungry, so he rode his bike to his favorite hamburger place, and parked it out front.

He noticed something was funny when he first walked in – all the people working looked different. He decided they were probably new and didn’t think any more about it.

“May I take your order, sir?” The man at the counter looked like he wasn’t feeling well.

“I’d like a cheeseburger, fries and a Sprite,” said Aaron. He always ordered the same thing because it was too good to try something else.

“You’ll like our hamburgers.” The man behind the counter tore off his order sheet and pushed it into the spinning rack for the cook. “They’re already dead.”

Aaron looked at the man again and noticed that he had patches of hair sticking out everywhere and he looked a little green. I wonder what he looks like for Hallowen? Aaron chuckled to himself as he sat down to wait for his food.

He noticed the man who was sweeping up the restaurant looked like he had crawled out of a grave somewhere. Aaron looked around the restaurant. Everyone here looks like a zombie!

The man behind the counter was staring at Aaron. He looked hungry. Why is he looking at me? Aaron was getting a little uncomfortable. He noticed that all the employees were looking at him, and they all looked a little hungry.

Aaron realized that he was the only customer in the restaurant.

He looked up at the sign over the order counter and saw a small sign that said Under New Management, next to a new sign that said, Zombie’s.

Aaron looked at the nametag of the man taking orders and saw that it said, “Zombie Bertelli”. It was probably just a gimmick, but he was starting to get concerned. This didn’t feel like his restaurant usually did.

“It’s a good time for dinner,” said Zombie Bertelli. “We’re glad you came in.” Aaron thought he saw something fall off of Zombie Bertelli onto the counter.

The man sweeping up started to move toward Aaron. His name tag read Zombie McCrary. “I’m sure getting hungry,” he said as he swept the floor next to Aaron.

Aaron stood up and slowly moved looked at the door.  What if they’re actually zombies, and they want to eat me? It was starting to get dark out, and Aaron wanted to get out of there.

“Is my food ready yet?” he asked Zombie Bertelli.

“I’m sorry,” replied Bertelli, “Our cook isn’t himself tonight.”

Aaron watched as the cook lifted up a huge knife, looked directly at him, and said, “I need some more meat.”

Aaron ran out of the restaurant and jumped on his bike. He started pedaling and didn’t look back until he was going as fast as he could. When he finally did, he saw Zombie Bertelli come out of the restaurant and start running after him.

Aaron was going so fast that he turned on the wrong street … twice … and almost passed his house when he finally got on the right street. He slammed on his brakes, pushed his bike up the driveway. And raced into the house, slamming the door behind him. He held his breath for a long time and listened, but didn’t hear anything, He glanced out the window and didn’t see anyone, and let out a big sigh. Safe!

A couple minutes later, the doorbell rang and Aaron answered the door without thinking.

It was Zombie Bertelli.

Aaron couldn’t move. Zombie Bertelli reached his hand out toward Aaron, whose whole body tensed up.

“I want you,” said Zombie Bertelli, “to enjoy your dinner,” He handed Aaron a bag of food and a drink and walked off down the driveway.

Aaron stared at Zombie Bertelli as he walked away, and then looked at his food and laughed at how he had been scared for no reason.

Then he realized that his dinner was trying to crawl out of the bag.