“She’s going to die.” Sally couldn’t believe what she heard. “She won’t see it coming.”

Jeremy seemed so nice since he started three weeks ago. Sally couldn’t believe he was capable of this.

She waited until she was sure Jeremy was gone and poked her head over the wall of her cubicle. She could hear her heart beating over the hum of the air conditioning but there were no other noises. She was alone.

Alone with what she had heard Jeremy say, about a woman named Isabella.

But what should she do? She didn’t know who Isabella was, what was going to happen, or when.

Maybe she was overreacting. She had probably just heard wrong. Anyway, Jeremy didn’t know she heard anything, so she went home and laughed about it with her cat.

The next day, she heard Jeremy on the phone again. “I’m sure she has no idea. It’s all set for Friday. You’ve got to pick up the thing for me and make sure everything’s ready.”

How could he talk about it so openly? The ‘thing’ – a knife, a gun, a bomb for her car, poison for her drink? Why was it so easy for her to think of ways to carry out a murder?

Jeremy had never talked about a girlfriend, so maybe he was doing for a friend. “I need more information,” she told her cat, “so I can figure out what to do.”

Her cat was no help. But, she couldn’t just sit by and do nothing. She had to help that poor girl.

The next day was Thursday and Sally decided to follow Jeremy to see what she could find out.

She left early and waited across the street until Jeremy came out, and followed him to a bar where he met someone he obviously knew well, probably the person he was talking to on the phone. Jeremy gave the man some money and the man handed him a small package.

When Jeremy and the man came out of the bar, they went opposite directions and Sally wasn’t sure which one to follow, so she stayed with Jeremy, who walked five blocks and went into an apartment building.

After three hours, Jeremy didn’t come back out, so Sally went home. “I should have followed the other man.” Her cat agreed.

Friday morning, Jeremy didn’t come in. Sally panicked. Something was going to happen tonight to poor Isabella. Was there nothing she could do?

After work, she went to the building where Jeremy had gone the night before, and waited. An hour later, Jeremy came out, pulled a baseball cap down over his face and headed off down the street.

Sally followed at a discreet distance until Jeremy got to the baseball stadium. She had to stand in line to buy a ticket and lost sight of Jeremy as he entered the stadium.

By the time she got her ticket, Jeremy had vanished. She walked to her seat, keeping a lookout for Jeremy. She couldn’t believe he was going to do it with so many people around.

In the fifth inning Sally finally spotted Jeremy. He was on the far side of the stadium walking down an aisle. He sat down next to a dark-haired girl, who had to be Isabella. Jeremy reached into his pocket, and Sally stood up and yelled, “Jeremy … No!”

But she was too far away, there was nothing she could do to stop him.

Sally looked at the scoreboard, so she didn’t have to watch whatever was going to happen to Isabella, and she saw a huge picture of Jeremy and Isabella surrounded by the words, “Will you marry me?” Jeremy was holding a ring box and Isabella looked shocked, but said “Yes” and threw her arms around Jeremy.

“He was right,” she told her cat when she got home, “She never saw it coming.”