Star Voyage

“Nothing like it exists in the known universe,” The science officer had a quizzical look on his face and he rapidly punched buttons and entered information on his computer panel.

“It does now,” said the Captain, turning and walking confidently back to his seat on the bridge.

The Captain settled into his chair and stared at the multi-dimensional entity floating on the ship’s holographic view screen, knowing that he would be able to deal with this creature.

His face slowly started to show concern, and then fear, as the creature opened a swirling vortex that vaguely resembled an overhead view of a multi-colored hurricane. “Get us out of here,” yelled the captain just before the creature swallowed the him and his ship … and belched.

The producer looked up from the script and said, “It’s going to be difficult to make this into a series.”

“No, it’s perfect,” claimed the writer. “Each week you have a new ship, a new monster and a new horrible ending for the captain and his crew. You get a different big-name star to play the Captain each week and hire a bunch of extras to play the crew. People will tune in to see who’s playing the Captain and how they are going to die.”

“I don’t know,” sighed the producer, but his mind was already starting to run through the list of potential stars who could do the show: movie stars, former child stars, celebrities, rock stars, even political candidates. And, he got to kill each one of them off.

The writer pushed on, “It’s got everything - stars, technology, monsters, action, violence, and most of all believability. No one really believes we are going to defeat all of the advanced creatures we are likely to run into in space. But no one has had the guts to show what might really happen.”

The producer tossed the short script onto his desk and looked out through his cantilevered window at the Hollywood hills. He was silent for a minute, and then said emphatically,” All right, I’m in. And I know exactly who should be the first Captain!”