Of Course You Have the Time

The most common reason for not getting things done is that you don’t have the time. I’ve said it myself many times. But it’s not true. You have the time to do anything that’s important enough to you.

If your child ends up in the hospital, you have the time to go see them.

If the CEO of your company wants to meet with you, you have the time, unless of course your child is in the hospital.

What we should say is, “It’s not important enough to me.” But that sounds rude.

The issue is really what is important enough to you. Often the things that we say we want are things we would like to do if it wasn’t too much trouble. Since it’s almost always too much trouble, we don’t do them.

Successful people find the time to do the things that make them successful. They don’t have any more time than you do, they just don’t let the fact that they are busy stop them.

The following steps can help you find the time to do what you really want to do.

Make a list – Write down all the things you would like to do. Don’t make any decisions, put down everything.

Review your list – Look at each item on the list and determine whether it would be nice to do some day, good to do if it didn’t take too much time or, would be worth giving up something else to do.

Make a decision – Look at the things that would be worth giving up something to do and pick the one that you are most willing to sacrifice something for. Make that your new goal.

Once you have identified your new goal, identify one thing that you can do to move toward accomplishing that goal It could be anything – online research, making a call, filling out an application, or even making a list of things to do.

Then ask yourself what you are willing to give up – watching TV, taking a nap, playing video games, social media, etc. Use that time to work on your goal.

One of the reasons we don’t think we have time is that the list of what we have to do to meet our goal seems too big. But if you just identify one thing that you can do today, you make it seem manageable. And each thing that you do moves you closer to reaching your goal.

By setting aside the things that don’t move you toward your goal, you can create the time to do the things that will. Everything else can stay on your “When I win the lottery” list and you can do them later, when you have some time. For now, do the one thing that will help you get what you really want. And tomorrow, do another.