The Center of the Universe

We all feel like we are the center of the universe – and we are right.

Each of us is in the center of our own universe and we see everything from our perspective based on our experiences and circumstances. Over time, we learn that we inhabit a larger universe and have to share it with a bunch of other people, but we still see that universe from our perspective.

As a result, in order to work effectively with someone else, you need to help them understand how your two universes fit together.

First, look for a natural connection with the other person – work, school, family status, sports, hobbies, interests, or just sharing the same universe.

Focus on building that connection, and finding, or creating, others. The more connections you have the more of your universe you are going to be willing to share. Them too.

But what about the thing you disagree on?

It’s okay to disagree. Your universe existed before you found out someone disagrees with you and continues to exist now that you know. Try to understand why they disagree. Don’t challenge their beliefs, ask about them. Express a sincere interest in learning how they see the universe. You don’t have to agree, but sharing that understanding helps to bring you together.

You live in your universe, but that means you get to change your universe when you want to. You can expand it to accept other people and ideas. You can question your own ideas based on what you learn from others and adjust your universe to be able to accept different views.

Ultimately, your universe includes all of the other people’s universes. The fact that you haven’t met them or don’t know them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Your universe is an amazing place, and the more you learn about it, the more amazing it becomes.

Open yourself to learn and explore what’s out there, from your next-door neighbor, to other types of worship, other towns, states, countries, other ideas, other worlds. Each thing you learn helps you to make sense of your universe.

You can be at the center of as large and spectacular of a universe as you choose.