The Greatest Word

Love is a pretty great word, but if you want to be successful with people, the greatest word is – Thanks!

Thanks - and its more formal cousin Thank You - is free, powerful, and it does two very important things; it lets people know that you appreciate what they did for you, and it lets them know both what you expect and how you like to be treated.

And, just as importantly, it lets people know you are not taking them for granted.

So, what should you thank someone for?

Everything they do for you. Each contact with someone tells them something about you. Make it positive.

Who should you thank?

Everyone - Spouse or partner, parent or child, friend or enemy, people you don’t know, and especially those you do. You never know which moment is going to help form someone’s opinion of you.

Even more important than the impression you create for others, is the feeling you get yourself when you start to express gratitude for the things people do for you. Your world looks much better when you are grateful for what you have and what people do for you.

The most important thing is that you are sincere. People know, and an insincere Thank You is worse than not saying anything. Honestly thanking someone not only affects them but also helps you be grateful for your world. and creates a more positive attitude, which will help you be more successful.

Thanking everyone for everything seems like a lot of thanking, but the more you do it, the easier it gets, and eventually, it just becomes a part of how you deal with other people. Besides, you can’t really say Thanks! too often – but you can try.

Thank You for listening.