What's Your Color?

At a business lunch one day, people began discussing their personality types based on a book that had just come out dividing people into six colors. This led to a discussion of a different model that divided people based on certain actions, and ultimately back to the idea of two personalities and two management types.

I have several problems with these concepts and their models, not the least of which is that there are seven billion people in the world, on seven continents, numerous islands and over 250 countries - it stretches credibility that they can be divided into two personality types – A and B, or two leadership models – X and Y. We can’t even clearly divide them into two sexes anymore.

I am a Gemini which, if you believe in astrology, means that I have two personalities, so it’s not unusual that I can be Theory X in one situation and Theory Y in another. But what about all those non-Gemini’s who act differently in different situations?

And, moreover, are we really supposed to only vote for one political party and believe that only one religious denomination makes any sense? And what happens if I do a couple of things that aren’t viewed as particularly manly?

Human being are complicated, sensitive creatures that learn to react and adapt to different threats in order to survive and thrive. We make decisions and act based on our surroundings and the people we are dealing with.

We do things that we don’t agree with to achieve a specific goal, don’t do things we do agree with so that we don’t upset someone else, and buy a car that’s not the color we want because it’s cheap or available (I bought an orange car once for just that reason).

When you limit people to one idea, one type or one identity, you increase the chances that they will react that way, and limit your ability to get along, agree or come together to move forward.

None of us are just one color. And even if you don’t believe that we all came from the same origins back in the beginning, we all have much more in common than we have differences.

If you want to understand and get along with someone, look for all of their colors and personality types.

Mine is human, what about yours?